If you are interested in producing your own in-house media, and are just unsure as to where to start, Pixelife can provide direction in what is required to setup a cost effective office studio and furthermore train you and your staff to film, edit and produce catchy and effective media.

Learn all there is to know, from video recording equipment selection that will best suit your project and budget, to lighting requirements, sound setup, recording and mixing.

Our customers have included financial firms; real-estate agents; schools; training organisations; hospitals; franchises; and charity organisations.

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  • "Pixelife went way beyond what we initially talked about creating for this video production. Evan is careful with getting specific details about the shoot before you start, which is the sign of a real professional. I will definitely be working with Pixelife again."
    Andrew M
  • "Evan was great! He knows his stuff, is friendly, punctual and generous with his time!"
    Peter H
  • "Pixelife was really professional, thorough and helpful. I can highly recommend, and my company will use this service again."
    Ben f
  • "Pixelife was very generous with time, and imparted some great skills and knowledge. No question was too much."
    Murry R
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