Framed Prints

All images shot by Pixelife for clients can be purchased as high quality canvas prints. Additionally, all the images featured on this site can also be purchased for display in offices, hotels or homes.

All you need to do is decide on which image you prefer, the size that best suits your needs, and then place an order. Pixelife will then contact you to discuss any specifics, and delivery – it is that simple.

Remember, if you don’t see an image you want, be sure to contact us as we have thousands of photographs ready to be printed as special orders.


Contact us to discuss your specific needs


Sizing and Cost

50 X 75cm            –              $270 (plus $19.95 p/h)
60 X 60cm           –              $270 (plus $19.95 p/h)
30 X 100cm         –              $290 (plus $19.95 p/h)
75 X 75cms         –              $310 (plus $19.95 p/h)
50 X 100cm         –              $340 (plus $19.95 p/h)
75 X 100cms       –              $350 (plus $19.95 p/h)
50 X 150cms       –              $480 (plus $19.95 p/h)

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