Whether you are interested in recording your special day, selling items, capturing conferences and guest speakers, or just being creative – Pixelife can professionally and creatively set the tone, length and style of your production so that it is both engaging and entertaining – but most importantly, appropriate for your target audience.

Pixelife specialises in planning and capturing weddings, surprise engagements, conferences, training sessions, education campaigns and other business communications.

Through years of experience and a balanced mixture of expertise, creativity and playfulness, you can have peace of mind that your ideas and events will be turned into uniquely polished and captivating content.

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  • "Amazing work, he walks you through every step of the process with everything you need to know. Very efficient."
    Emma S
  • "Evan was really great. He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. Extremely helpful - I would definitely recommend him."
    Bryan R
  • "Evan exceeded my expectations. He provided an excellent overview of my camera in a very relaxed manner and I now feel confident that I can maximize the camera's potential."
    Helen S
  • "Incredible experience with Evan. With no photography experience, I asked Evan to teach me the basics. His knowledge and passion for photography exceeded my expectations. I left today’s lesson with knowledge I will be able to build my photography skills on for life. A friendly, humble and punctual person, I would not hesitate to recommend Evan not only for a photography lesson, but to shoot an important event. Thank you Evan!"
    Tracey T
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