Personal Training & Workshops

Pixelife has qualified trainers and assessors who produce and run a variety of personal photography training sessions and group based workshops in almost every aspect of photography. The sessions are available at a time that suits you, in a laid back non-judgemental atmosphere, and you can learn at your own pace. Best of all, after completing any training or workshop, you will have complete access to ongoing support from the trainers via a dedicated Facebook chat group – now that is true customer care.

Personal Training

Our instructors can assist you to understand and gain practical skills in:

  • General photographic theory, and the concepts of composing and shooting a perfect picture.
  • How to utilise and get the most out of your current camera, including understanding its functions, modes and hidden features.
  • The most appropriate camera to buy for you specific needs.
  • Exploring both still image and video formats.
  • The various accessories available, including lenses, lighting, recording equipment, carry bags etc.
  • The use of filters, and how each can dramatically change your images.
  • Long exposure photography for night shoots and also for day time.
  • Understanding the key points of travel photography to ensure your memories are preserved beautifully.
  • Gaining practical skills using post production software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas.
  • Identifying and exploring your own personal style and building a professional portfolio.

If you are interested in undertaking personal training, you can attend one of the basic courses below for as little as $150 – alternatively, if you would like something a little more structured to your specific needs then contact Pixelife and provide your personal details, the date you would like to undertake the session, and what you hope to achieve.  Usually you will get a response within only a few hours.

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From time to time, Pixelife runs workshops around Melbourne on various topics, ranging from street photography, through to long exposure night photography. On many occasions these workshops are collaborations between two or more photographers, and provide attendees a wealth of knowledge and support.

Workshop sizes range from 5 to 10 attendees to ensure that each person receives adequate hands on direction and assistance.

Some examples of previous sessions include:

  • Evening long exposures, in and around Melbourne.
  • Daylight long exposures, in and around Melbourne.
  • Children and parent photography workshops.
  • Photography 101 basics.
  • Travel photography, and what you need to know.
  • Light painting, a beginner’s guide.

If you are interested in attending an existing session, or even if you wish to initiate your own private group session, please contact Pixelife for availability.


Contact us to discuss your specific needs




  • "Amazing work, he walks you through every step of the process with everything you need to know. Very efficient."
    Emma S
  • "Evan was really great. He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. Extremely helpful - I would definitely recommend him."
    Bryan R
  • "Evan exceeded my expectations. He provided an excellent overview of my camera in a very relaxed manner and I now feel confident that I can maximize the camera's potential."
    Helen S
  • "Incredible experience with Pixelife. With no photography experience, I asked Evan to teach me the basics. His knowledge and passion for photography exceeded my expectations. I left today’s lesson with knowledge I will be able to build my photography skills on for life. A friendly, humble and punctual person, I would not hesitate to recommend Evan not only for a photography lesson, but to shoot an important event. Thank you Evan!”
    Tracey T
  • "Thanks so much Evan! My son was thrilled to learn about the features and now we are both confident to use this when we travel to Italy. Evan was punctual, easy going and well organised…”
    Brenda P